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11.16.2012 , 11:02 AM | #3111
Nice to see that most people here finally have stopped repeating the "it will be in there later" statements. 4 months ago, when I let my subscription expire, I felt pretty much alone with my opinion that something was amiss.

At this moment I see two possible reasons for why SGR's have not been included by now, as opposed to what we were told (because lets face it, in that last 1 1/2 months, SGR's aren't going to magically appear in-game.

1. The priority for it has been lowered so much, because of all the problems the game suffers (dwindling subscriptions, FTP model etc..) that it simply isn't on the agenda anymore. Normally this would be the likeliest reason, but it doesn't really explain why neither the writers, the community managers or the pr department give out any information regarding SGR's. Is it really logical not to give people the information they want to save face, when it further disgruntles the group of players that supports SGR's?

2. It has to do with Lucas Arts/ Disney. Who knows how long ago the people over at George Lucas company have known that something like the deal was coming? Disney is not exactly supportive of SGR's or is it?
Yes, there are 2 examples of homosexuality in all of the Extended Star Wars Universe. And that alone has always made me wonder how canonically SGR's are in Star Wars. Think about it. The Juhani romance and her sexual orientation is mostly hinted at, very little of the actual romance remained in the game. It might very well have been an oversight on the side of Lucas Arts, same for the marriage/ partnership between two male Mandalorians. This story also could simply have been overlooked. Maybe whoever was responsible at Lucas Arts simply never realized that both of them were supposed to be male.
So, we have only two examples for SGR in the whole Star Wars universe, otherwise it is as if homosexuality didn't exist. Believe me, I know that, I read almost all EU books and tons of the Dark Horse comics. Two examples that could have been missed by Lucas Art's watchful eye and later retroactively be accepted into canon, like Lowbacca was accepted as the exception for Wookies not being able to be Jedis, after it had already been decided it wasn't possible for them.
I don't think it necessarily means that George Lucas has anything against SGR's or isn't a supporter of equality. if it really is how I think, then it probably has nothing to do with personal opinion, but more with business decisions.