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abuse the "m" key-- aka the warzone map

seeing where your team is and isn't on the map is a huge factor in determining where to go- where to help, where to ninja, where to do anything- if you open your map and see 6 of your teammates at a node- dont go there- go to the other node that has been abandoned or has one lonely defender

backcapping the zerg
-- dont meet a zerg head on with your own zerg - especially if yours is unorganized; leave one or two sacrificial lambs to further bait a zerg but send others to cap at the location the zerg just came from
--"all we need is some teeny tiny pewpew"- most objectives in the wz's (except hutball) require some form of capping and all that is required to interrupt a cap is the teeniest amount of damage - stop red misting on the 5v1 fight and focus your attention on the stealthy who snuck by to ninja cap- throw a saber, shoot a spark of lightening, throw a rock, pewpew a normal ranged attack- all these will stop a cap- if you are about to die near a node- throw a dot on your killer to keep him from capping, etc...