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You are absolutely correct. This was a targeted personal attack. The other night, I was talking to the president of BW and he said "you know that one guy? I hate him. I am going fix it where he gets an error when he tries to buy something form the cartel store."

You are right to be mad.
ZOMG I knew it! ... Maybe Forbes will do an article on this juicy piece of information next!

SW:TOR Targetting Individual Players!
by Paul Tassi:

"FlippinFlapJack may only be the first in a series of direct insidious, and intentional personal attacks on innocent people! Harrassment charges may apply, Bioware is DOOOOMED!"


or perhaps the dev team didnt have an ADHD kid in their office to spam click a mouse button while testing the market to see if there would be any negitive outcomes. Either way OP, nice catch.
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