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11.16.2012 , 10:09 AM | #12
Hiya Jenn!
Throw my name(s) in the hat to assist people as well. I'm a founder as well, been around since prelaunch and all that jazz. Not much I havn't done in game even though I may be rusty at some things.

My Many toons:
Vendahl (Main) 50 Guardian
Pooks 50 Commando
Pookster 50 Sentinal
Pooker 50 Scoundrel
Pookette 50 Shadow
Pookanator 50 Sorceror
Dhark-helmet 50 Mercenary
Pookstah 25 Sniper
All on The Harbinger server and yes I have a naming issue as well lol. Hey I have been using "Pookster" since quake fortress in 1996 when I founded my guild so yeah, I AM the original.
Vendahl Freyvold
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De Oppresso Libre
Est. 1996