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I have a question about the companion Jaesa Willsaam and I hope someone can answer it for me. I read somewhere that she is now romanceable if you choose the Light Side option during the quest line where you get the choice to turn her? Is this true or was someone just blowing smoke up the reader's *** (myself included)?
I turned her to the darkside from the beginning. I romanced her almost from the beginning and she now calls my character, husband. I saw a video on YouTube where someone romanced her going lightside option. It's all in how you speak with her and the choices you make when interacting with NPCs when she is with you. I can tell you this; Jaesa is one insanely evil woman when she embraces the darkside. She enters battle screaming 'you will suffer,' or 'their pain is so exquisite.' For a while there, I felt bad for turning this innocent Padawan...but not anymore! She a wild and crazy woman, that's for sure!