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This decision has taken away 50% of the fun I have playing my Sentinel. I also play a Shadow, and I have 3 DoTs I can drop on a target as opposed to the 1 and a 1/2 DoTs I can do on my Sentinel. The only major different is the garanteed healing from mashing a 30 stack of Zen. Even with the additional 15% crit chance on burn effects (which requires a small build-up to get to that point), I didn't notice a substantial difference in the frequency of healing tics. All in all, they seemed about even in terms of healing, but depending on what I was fighting at the time my Sentinel would have a slight advantage when jumping from target to target to keep the 5 stack buff up constantly and rebuild 30 stacks zen very quickly. With the healing changes, this is no longer possible.

Sentinels and their Sith counterparts were concidered a fast-paced combat class that cut paths of destruction through enemy ranks with deadly efficiency and speed. I think this only applies to the other specs in the tree now, since Watchman/Annihilation relies on the heals to keep them alive and deal their damage as opposed to the burst and hard hitting build-up attacks from the other 2 specs.

The healing done is solely based on your max hps, and since I don't have the time to sit on this game for hours farming Hard Modes and find Pugs for raids, I'm not uber geared on either toon. Maybe end-game equipment was a determining factor for this change (i.e. dps builds getting themselves over 20k+ hps or whatnot from raid gear), but from what you guys are saying it was more than likely a decision based on PvP mechanics. What I do know, is that I can no longer jump into a group of 4 minion classified mobs of equivalent level and come out with half my health bar intact. I didn't realize how dependant I became on the healing until now. I can no longer use my dps companions for fast burn-downs like I used, and using a tank companion for tougher mobs has gotten almost pointless. I'm forced to use my healer companion for any mob stronger than a silver or any group of mobs including a silver and more than 1 add.

I realize I'm complaining, which wasn't my intention. I just want to know why the healing was reduced and exactly what means they used to make this determination. I will be very disapponted if F2P had something to do with it...
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