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Prophecy of the Five
Republic PVE/PVP guild
**Pre-release Guild**
Operation Times: Open/Alt Runs: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30CST - 11:30CST
Order of Discord 16M Progression Monday/Wednesday 9:00CST -11:00CST
Order of Chaos 8M Progression Monday/Wednesday 9:30CST - 11:30CST
Guild PvP Night: Any time, plenty of members to group up with.
Recruiting: OPEN
Accepting all classes


Eternity Vault:
5/5 Nightmare (Infernal)

Kragga's Palace:
5/5 Nightmare (Unyielding)

4/4 SM
4/4 HM
3/4 NiM

Terror from Beyond: (Pre 2.0)
5/5 SM
5/5 HM

Terror from Beyond (2.0)
5/5 SM
5/5 HM
1/5 NiM

Scum and Villany
7/7 SM
7/7 HM
0/7 NiM

Hello everyone! We are preparing to bring the fight to the Dread Masters and looking for new members to fill out our operation teams?

Maybe you were a member of a guild that became inactive or maybe you are looking for a guild that will provide you with multiple opportunities to run ops, flashpoints, datacron hunts, world bosses, etc... Well look no further then here. The Omega Knights are a pre-release guild that has run all content at all difficulties. We are a mature casual bunch of players that enjoy the game but don't get caught up in a lot of drama.

We are currently recruiting all classes for High End PvE content. We are a very casual and laid back guild, but we do like to give all of our members the opportunity to see content. We do not have a lot of restrictions on who can run content and you can read about our operation rules
at this link here:

Our PvP is very open and understanding, New to PvP don't have the best PvP gear? This is not a problem at all we just want to play with more and more players that share the same love for this game that we all have.

We are mostly based on our Central Time Zone and our ops are based around CST times but we do not run any later then 11:30CST

If you are at all interested in joining our group, please don't hesitate to head over to our website and check us out.

Guild Features:
Website: Dedicated Enjin Website Premium Subscriber
VoIP: Dedicated Teamspeak 3 Server
In Game: 4 Guild Bank Tabs
Numerous Open group PvE Operation runs!
Guild Crafters for most crew skills to help all members gear up.
Weekly guild social events: World Boss Hunts, Datacron Hunts, Heroic operations, 16 man story operations, etc...

Recruiting Needs by Team:

Order of Discord Discord Roster

Order of ChaosChaos Roster

Omega Knights in the Spotlight:

Apply Here:

GM The Omega Knights