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11.16.2012 , 09:00 AM | #4
Here's what I've got for sale/trade..

Rangehunter EE-1 Carbine Rilfe x2
Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle

Covert Torso Energy Armor x4
Trailblazer's Helmet x2
Spymaster's Helmet
Spymaster's leggings
Spymaster's Boots
Elegant Loungwear Top
Elegant Loungwear Cap
Elegant Loungwear Bottoms

Low Atmosphere Miniprobe
Golden Lizardbat x2
Slate Mouse Horranth
Golden-skinned Vrblet
Red-Backed Gizka x2

Rendili Nightshade x4
Ubrikki Sand Devil x2
Ubrikki Crimson Claw
Longspur Elite x2

Adv Pink-Purple Indestructable Crystal (+41 end) x4
Adv Pink-Purple War Hero's Crystal (+41 Expertise)

Imp Banner
Republic Banner
Glowing Eyes - Red
Glowing Eyes - Gold
Ball Toss x2

Basically the things I'm interested in is the single bladed light saber and the Nihilus Mask.

IF interested PM on here, or mail me in game. But you'll get a faster response if you PM me on here. First come first serve.
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