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Hey Everyone.

I started creating a list of 61/63/65 item level pieces. Mostly populated by myself and info off of the GTN. It is a Excel sheet on Skydrive, and it is setup for anyone to view it.

Below is a form to add your own item: (after which I will copy it over to the Master List tab)

Please feel free to add your own items or contact me and I will be more then happy to look at your schematics and add them myself.

The idea was taken from a post on POTF. Please feel free to add comments or advice.

Special Thanks to Fifth Circle and Sithhikers for helping me get some solid starter data in it.

I have added droid equipment and crystals to the spreadsheet as well. The droid parts as currently classified as 65's. The crystal addition is meant for only rare schematic finds, i.e. craftable war hero or magenta crystal (+41 only preferred). I have included the new ship upgrades as well.

Description of the tabs
Survey1- When you add your own items from the form, it places them on the survey sheet. I then go in and manual copy the item over from the survey sheet to the Master List tab. I then place an x in the far right column to mark that the item has been updated to the main sheet.
Master List(previously 61-63- This tab contains the list of all items that have been added. The top columns can be sorted by crafter, item, faction cat, level or main.
Statistics- This is used to keep a running total of unique characters and unique items.
Pivot Table- Pivot tables can be used for all sorts of additional statistical info and sorting options. I added it because I use it a little and for those that know about pivot tables can use it as well. If you use the pivot table, please be sure and refresh the data from the data drop down menu on the top.
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