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Quote: Originally Posted by Wisz_Rethon View Post
SWTOR does not require 1/100th of the envolvement SWG did to be a succesful player.

Even as nerfed as it was after NOV 2005. SWG still contained more than this game.

Many players play SWTOR only because SWG is not around anymore. (and that's why LA pulled the plug on SWG too)
Is that before you write the recursive macro, or after? It takes a pretty damn boring game for it to include botting scripts.

SWG was full of fail. You decorated your houses, did some crafting, or stood in line for some buffs to fight the same PVP contests. PVE was totally lackluster, and left folks regrinding profs to match up with the flavor of the month class.

Did I mention bugs.....cause that was a nice mini game for masochists playing SWG.

SWG was a huge empty parking lot with "Ghost town waiting to happen" signs posted.