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I must disagree of why I am playing SWTOR because SWG is no longer around. I too played the game on the second day of its release.. (the first day, the game was down) and i left when the Obi Wan expansion came out. The only thing SWG had that SWTOR does not have would be crafting and the player environment.
Crafting has been SWG core, no mmo, from what I have seen has been able to recreate that.
The player environment you will never get in any mmo because we now have the ability to make more characters oppose to SWG's only one character per server unless you unlocked. Before with one character in SWG, everyone knew you.
But SWG wasnt any good after OBI Wan. I have dl that game a few times after I left including its last month of gameplay and the game was horrible. No one was around. I was alone in Coronet.
and JTL, that expansion was after its release, therefore TOR can still implement that type of gameplay.

I play SWTOR because i love star wars.. but i didnt play SWG after obi wan killed the game.
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