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11.16.2012 , 07:08 AM | #5
sooo, used the fleet pass to get the hell off Taris, took my ship to Nar Shaadda and while in the slippery slopes cantina busy sending a ticket to CS about the ERROR 9000 DISCONNECTS... I (wait for it...) I yes you guessed it , got a error 9000 disconnect and lost the whole message to CS and now am completely unable to log on to the Shadowlands server. if this is a joke it's not a very good one.

was able to stay logged in about 4 mins top, stupidly tried to use the gtn on nar only to be kicked off again and again.

as an aside it seems if a poster to the CS forum acts like a complete *** they get a response, I choose not to but would really like to know *** is going on/all of a sudden/out of nowhere/I get these error 9000 disconnects. why now, why Taris, and why is it persisting to such a degree?

that said, thank you for your time