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11.16.2012 , 07:01 AM | #52
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- Other classes get massive game changing nerfs that completely ruin current builds and reduce damage and healing output as well as survivability drastically- Marauders respond with constant 'deal with it lol, l2p'

- Marauders get a nerf that even they say is slight after topping RWZ for half a year- QQ train at full speed ahead!
I assume you're talking about the range nerf on powertechs/vanguards? or the 30% debuff applied to everyone in pvp? Oh you must mean the Healing nerf on Shadows/Assassins which still allows them to have top damage protection and 60k in self heals including high heals of 1500+? Not really sure what nerfs you're talking about. Oh maybe it's the 7k backstabs out of stealth that were cut down to 4k-5k, with an additional follow up of 4k and a 4 sec stun lock.

Just because the title says (slight) doesn't mean we all agree it's slight. I think it's pretty major and once again affects both PvP and PvE. This is why I usually don't post in the forums because you can't have a discussion about changes without someone crying QQ!