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Wow. So where are our taxes going? Improved GTN interfacing? Increased responsiveness? Functionality of the GTN? I don't remember reading about any of this in the patch notes. In fact it seemed like most deposit values would go down.

If I see any, "Your Tax Credits At Work," signs on Coruscant...
Thats funny. Yes, I would like to see our taxes put to good use, what ever that may be. It just seems like an unnecessary money sink taking a bite out of crafting.

There was no 'big' money sink for a year in crafting, and there are people with hundreds of millions of credits, so why now?

I think it is in anticipation that f2p players will offer mats at lower prices, however, before this happens, we are seeing a change with only a negative impact with p2p carrying the cost, and either the supplier pays the cost in taxes and sells at a lower prices or the consumer does at a higher price.

Until, ofc, suppliers get mats at cheaper costs from a greater supply from f2p players... which is hypothetical and we are not close to that... and it would be closer to 1 week before we see the signs of f2p having an affect on the economy as suppliers. As consumers, I also think f2p players will have little impact on buying expensive goods which already have a tax on them now.

So... I think its still unnecessary, since the invisible hand of the economy will always balance with supply and demand, and adding a tax which is not used, will only either hurt suppliers, producers, or consumers without putting that tax to any use.

Maybe... if that tax was somehow rerouted to guilds. Meaning we pay taxes anyways, but if we are in a guild, our guild bank gets the tax. At least it encourages people to join guilds so their taxes dont go to waste and are helping thier guild pay for costs.