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11.16.2012 , 05:01 AM | #1
Could someone please respond!!

started playing as soon as the F2P went live and have had no problem at all. section x, black hole, ship, courscant, all ran perfect.

but now (after the mini patch) on Taris, with only 15 to 20 people I keep getting kicked to player screen or to desk top w/an error 9000. also after many tries I now can't even get past the player screen.

have deleted the 'diskcachearena' run the launcher and game repair with no improvement, also, reset my internet connection/rebooted computer. I'm using the HK scanner to look for the part and when I can get planet side the connection status bars quickly go from 4 to 1 red to red X.

nothing has changed on my end and I know people have reported Taris can be a problem but I've never seen it like this in all the months I been playing (hence the CS request). any ideas what is going on?