Thread: 10K hit pvp.
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11.16.2012 , 04:58 AM | #20
For a Rage Smashing Mara he not only heals alot but is in the wrong stance and is missing, Obliterate & Force Crush..

Guys this dude is in Annihilation spec, hes in Juyo form, has Deadly Saber & Annihilate on his quickbars.

Looks like a glitch to me as it would be near impossible for Annihilate to hit that hard unless it was a complete set up and the guy had every debuff known to man and was in pve quest greens? If i was to hit some one with Annihilate or any other skill for that matter! for 10k i would take note of the fellahs name, after the WZ log over, find him and inspect him... and probably apologise for embarrasing him :-P

That being said grz on the 10k... you can only fight and kill whats put infront of you... :-D