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yes ignore everything I wrote and instead complain about the founders title.
What did you expect, seriously, this forum is as bad as me3's multiplayer forum, it's like people log in here just to be colossal jerks not worth one ounce of bantha poo-doo.

I too departed for parts unknown, but for me it was after ME3 released and to be quite honest I felt rather..angry.
First the stuff with SWTOR and the unneeded nerfing of conceal Op/scoundrel, then I spend ANOTHER $65 on a Bioware game and get something that in the last 30 minutes entirely divorced itself from the established plot line, barely let me continue my romance with Jack, and ...let's just say I find the multiplayer a hell of a lot better than the actual single player story and leave it at that.

I had thought about returning but to be honest I was bored with SWTOR by the end of month two.
One level 50 in under the first 30 days, several level thirties by mid second month.
I already knew what awaited me at 50, reroll, and to be honest that didn't appeal to me, it wasn't worth paying $14.99 (Plus tax, my monthly sub was $16.36, and it took them 3 weeks of my constant calling for someone to figure out what the hell was going on with my sub fee. I heard every reason in the book, card verification, billing error, "I have no idea what is causing this") for such little content and the rapidly dropping players (I lost 90% of my friends list by February 10th), I couldn't convince myself to stay.

So now I'm back, In outer space, in a galaxy far far away, hoping Bioware learned and gets this right.
We'll see if I was mistaken in leaving after three months, or if they truly failed to make a game that would hook players.

That said, what have they added since march, any new planets, quests, anything other than flashpoints?
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