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So somewhat related to SGRAs in a "Ok, because of this the silence makes even less sense." kind of way:

EA given best workplace title for LGBT employees

So they are so inclusive and many thought EA is the big push behind the silence on SGRAs. Or maybe it was just me. It still kind of feels like an EAish bait and switch promise the moon and deliver nada thing.

So who exactly is pulling the puppet strings here? Who has the kind of pull to shut down devs talking to us so freaking hard? Marketing? PR? Who? Because at this point, that is the biggest mystery to me. And if/when they ever talk about SGRAs, my first question would be "What or who was keeping you from talking about this to us all along?"
At this point, I'd suggest writing to the author of that article and let them know that, despite that little announcement, they have never come directly onto the thread and told us anything about the content that was actually promised to the LGBT gamers in TOR. That with the year almost over and the next big content patch done/almost done, they still treat us like the cousins in the attic as in the old days.

I'm glad they offer a friendly and safe work environment for the LGBT community. I'm truly glad that they do that. Sadly, it doesn't seem to have any bearing with how they are handling this in ToR. If anything, as you pointed out, it makes this more confusing and irritating that they are being so weird about this whole thing. I wonder if any of the LGBT employees there play ToR. I wonder how they would feel if they knew that EA/BW has really done some shady things in the very poor handling of information about the LGBT content promised in game.

This has gotten really to stupid levels. Methinks someone should be wearing a Dunce Cap by now. Yes, I'm trying to be a little nice.

This content was promised and confirmed (by people they left the company), never ever spoken about on the forums officially (unlike pretty much every other topic in the game) mentioned off hand in an unrelated video, reconfirmed via twitter, Tweet was deleted and they keep telling us they can't tell us anything. Oh and they won't even tell the players directly that those comments and promises for the content still stand.

Seriously? This is sloppy sloppy sloppy. Cowardly, a double standard...other not so nice words.

I'd write to massively and such, but my computer has been freezing randomly since yesterday afternoon (complete freeze to the point of needing a hard reset every time) and I'm in a bad mood. I'm just hoping CHKDISC did something to fix it. This probably isn't the best mentality for me to try to write them, but I would encourage others to do the same. Also, anyone know of any good LGBT-friendly gaming blog sites that might care about this double standard?

I need to back off before I add even more things here. No need for a ban.

<retreats from the forums, glaring at her computer and mumbling something about Office Space and fax machines>