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11.16.2012 , 04:10 AM | #27
Guys, the issue isn't for Subbers. Content is good and solid for us.

Your epic fail BW is the F2P.

If you don't believe me? Look at the forum, place is on FIRE with complaints. When you can't show off your legacy last name, turn off that crappy looking helmet, or unify colours, or even show off that you're a Padawan without paying for it? What were you thinking?!

That's not even to say the UI. I mean regular subbers now have 6 and in some classes it was near impossible to handle with 4! Why are you restricting freebies to 2? Do you have ANY idea how bloated that bar is going to be? I know what you're doing, making them spend money, but in case your rapid descent of unsubs has shown, many don't see your game as INVESTMENT WORTHY. DC Universe Online over at SOE had the SAME problem you do and also had a rocky start with F2P, but once they actually LISTENED to their audience (for the most part, it's still a ways from perfect), they started making money! Sure, inventory, character slots, bank slots are restricted, as is escrow, but they made those PERMANENT unlocks in THEIR marketplace, why are you only dishing out weekly passes? Or, that's right, MAKING PEOPLE PAY TO HIDE THEIR HELMET OR SHOW OFF THEIR LAST NAME?! Do you have ANY idea how cringe worthy it is to see Han-solo or Leena-starwalker for a character name? Logic here, people, LOGIC!

My friends are returning players and new players, and the fact you're putting a brick wall in front of them is nothing short of FAIL. That's NOT how you make money back, it's only at best a short term gain with an even BIGGER long term dropoff. It's the little things that matter, like being able to toggle your helmet or show a last name, or BEING ABLE TO FIGHT IN A GAME WITHOUT RUNNING OUT OF QUICKBAR. You give us subbers 6, why did you take away 2 of those from the free players?