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1.Abeloth(Power of Font of Power and Pool of Knowledge powers combined,was able to defeat both Son and Dauther,13 times stronger than Luke Skywalker.I put her before Father considering his TCW Mortis trilogy version, don't know much about his peak).

2.The Ones(doesn't matter if it's Dauther,Son or Father,i'm pretty sure they were equal at TCW timeline, it's obvious that father was stronger before,aged weaked him,Father at his peak was equal to Abeloth or stronger).

3.Luke Skywalker(reached force potential of Chosen One, used both Light Side and Dark Side abilities).

4.Darth Sidious(the strongest Sith ever existed, candidate for Sith'ari title, learned almost all Dark Side abilities).

5.Marka Ragnos(master of Vitiate, noone could defeat him during his lifetime, ''golden age of the sith'', his ressurection would cause destruction of New Jedi Order).

6.Lord Vitiate(he's weaker than Sidious by canon but his feats are amazing,easily overwhelming strong minds with the force,rituals on planetary and galactic level, i'm still doubt is Ragnos really stronger than this guy?).

7.Darth Plagueis(Palpatine's master,top 2 in Bane's dynasty, could manipulate midi-chlorians, lightsaber master, overwhelmingly strong in the the force even if he had no talent for some force abilities).

8.Master Yoda(gave a good fight to Palpatine, was strongest Jedi during Clone Wars, doubt if he's stronger than Jacen but even if Jacen's potential is near Luke's, Yoda's experience(900 years lifetime,huh) would take it).

9.Darth Caedus(Skywalker bloodline, potential near Chosen One, stand in the fight with Luke).

10.Kyp Durron(high force potential that he reached,his power level was compared to Luke(though i don't think it can be compared) and candidate for the next Sith lord during LOTF).

11.Darth Nihilus(his absorbing feats are impressive but he can't be compared in close combat or other force feats with monsters like Luke,Sidious or even Yoda and Caedus).

12.Unnamed Jedi Knight Hero from SW:TOR(he deafeated Lord Vitiate though it was just a host of his essence but it was the thing that Revan and Meetra both combined weren't able to do).

13.Revan( by the end of ''Revan'' novel, both Light and Dark side Master, ''Heart of the Force'').

14.Nomi Sunrider/Thon(i really have no idea who's the strongest of this pair even is i don't like use slash in tops).

15.Starkiller(Potential of Darth Sidious, learned many force abilites(both sides of the force), amazing lightsaber duelist).