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Force/tech/physical (weapon) doesn't change the damage type. Simply the way damage interact with armor, and in this case I agree as a marauder/sentinel you PHYSICALLY apply the bleeds/burn.

To go back on the 2nd point you make absolutely no sense. Berserk still applies the same group utility as before, and there is absolutely no corelation between damage and heals. Heals are based off your health pool, not strenght/power etc.

Furthermore, I haven't parsed my mara tonight but i expect the HPS drop to be around 40% overall, due to berserk heals remaining unchanged. I very much doubt you are under constant damage on your dps, so at much you will maybe need one or two additionnal heals? If you take constant damage over 10 second, the delta will be around 1k damage that you haven't healed yourself compared to before. Are you seriously meaning your healers are unable to heal 1k?

Once more, you are currently blowing this way over its actual proportion.
No, it doesn't change the damage type. I corrected myself so coming back at me to try and discredit my point about the fact that it can be cleansed is irrelevant.

To the 2nd point (where you say I make no sense), it is simply a matter of you not understanding what I am saying. But to make it a little more clear within the context of what I wrote, *as related to PvE* by having less healing done by my burns (yes damage output would remain potentially unchanged) I would require more external healing. The correlation however can be made, and quite simply. If I am dying more often, I am doing less damage. By losing that healing potential (and for self-heals it would be exactly 50%) as Zen/Berserk heals would yes remain unchanged, I am forced to play more defensively. In some cases that involves stopping dps popping defensives sooner, etc.

YES in a vacuum nothing for damage output would change. But just as when I specced out of defensive roll and could no longer stand in orbital strikes to take down snipers, it affected my damage done. Again, saying there is absolutely NO correlation is false.

While i agree, the loss in HPS might be considered negligible by a healer's ability, consider over a 6 min fight where I would heal approximately 60k now reduced to 30k. that is a health pool and a half that needs to be compensated for by a healer. so...5 big heals more need to be focused on me, rather than the tank, or other raiders.

Lastly; Combat does Parse higher.

Further, a Focus/Rage Specced Sentinel actually gets about 7% more mitigation due to Shii-Cho's additional damage reduction. I'm not blowing anything out of proportion, I'm stating that Watchman is not as viable in raids and PvP as it used to be. And you can't argue that because the class was nerfed.