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11.16.2012 , 03:23 AM | #7
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Huh? You unsubbed. What you paid for up until the point you unsubbed, was game access, which you got. So you should get nothing now as you are not paying for anything now.

Up until yesterday, you got nothing. Now you can log in and play without paying for anything. If you want all the shiny stuff you use to have, then pay your subscription fee.
you might want to re-think that... The forums are on FIRE with returning players going ******* crazy and feeling ***** because they wanted to give this a second chance and have been more than let down. I can't even give this to my friends who want in on the game, who I've been trying to get in on the game for months btw, because the restrictions are *********** insane! I mean when you have to pay to hide your helmet or show off your last name... FAIL.

I'm a subber, so I'M not affected, but guess what, still going to lose money because now I gotta pay for a month sub for SOMEONE ELSE, which is 15 out of my pocket. This isn't like DCUO which gave returning players premium status, and 3/4s of what they had previously, and actually make it feel rewarding to have micro transactions with the thing being stockpiled. This is just embarressing. I get access, but those I want by my side in a fight, just.. wow. no.