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there's a quest you can pick up from the PVP terminal for a token with a full set of recruit mk-2 gear

and yes, it's perfectly fine for FPs

also, i hope you did some PVP while leveling (as it's a bit brutal at 50 with only recruit gear) and have some WZ comms lying around.
what you'll want to do is get two battle master shells for the PVP 2-set bonus (+15% healing to kolto cloud) and then the rest for the 2-set PVE bonus (-4 energy cost of kolto cloud)

if you didn't do any PVP while leveling, thankfully it won't take too long to get it all. do the requisite 2-4 WZs per day for the daily, and you should have enough comms in a few days.

as far as itemization goes, don't go for any patron armorings (the high endurance). they're garbage. try to get skill (high cunning) as much as you can.

as far as augments go, only go for skill augments. with the 9% cunning boost, the difference between power and cunning is almost negligible for your bonus healing, but cunning will also add to crit. (there is some debate on this, however, and some suggest you stack cunning to a certain point, then go for power augments). i disagree and say go for cunning whenever you can with one exception:

for mods, go for the high secondary stat (power/crit: artful/keen mods. go for the non-lettered ones--ie: 23 > 23A)
although cunning is better than power (granted, arguably so), trading 15 cunning for 30 power is a deal you want to take.

there is a lot of debate on crit. basically, if you're between 200-350, you should be fine. some suggest going higher, some suggest going for more power instead. once you find the right amount of crit you want, dump the rest into power.

you'll want to go for a lot more surge than alacrity on your enhancements. there is also a lot of debate about how much alacrity is useful. i suggest you go to those threads to learn more, but the bottom line is your surge stat will still be fairly higher than alacrity. it's just a matter of taking minimal alacrity (0-120) or perhaps bit more

and the proc heal relic (50% chance to heal x over 3s, cannot occur more than once every 20s) is useless. use your matrix cube, champion relic of boundless ages (or war hero if you can afford them), on-use power relics... anything but that.
your best bet for relics are the war hero relic of boundless ages or the on-use power relic. use the matrix cube and champion relic of boundless ages until you can get either of those two.