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I'm not sure I read this right. Are you saying that Powertechs are on the bottom tier for dps?
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I think he means mercs, however dmg is not the merc's problem, their problem is how easy it is to shut down their rotation. Everyone can literally take turns interrupting a commando and throw in a few giggle emotes while they kill em. Imo, they need to either make tracer missile activated on a really short channel, where you need to really pay attention to your interrupts, and/or make it where you cant interrupt unload. They could also give them more utilities to help them kite melee. An equivalent of a sorc/sage force speed would not be that bad of an idea, both classes do share a healing tree, and a similar kb, why not give commandos a quick speed boost?
Correct I meant mercs, not PTs, are bottom tier dps in pvp. But not because their damage is too low, because their dps specs simply don't function well in pvp. Mostly for the reason you mention, interrupts.