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11.16.2012 , 03:14 AM | #10
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I haven't checked this out on a live server but on the PTS the deposit you put up up front when listing an item was a percentage of the items perceived value. For example an unusual egg has a deposit of about 5 credits. If you sell for 10000 credits you lose about 6 per cent of your eventual sale price which is including your original deposit.

It is going to create some very silly priced items for sale when people realise they don't have to put up a huge deposit up front. On the PTS people were listing common items like a basic medpack for millions just because they could.
So we lose 6% of our sales price now. Alright, thats news to me.

I am going to wait for the market to adjust then since I am in a low profit margin market and edit: 6% of sales reducing our profits (profit margin reduced by sales tax is more than 6%) is a big cut when an already invested capital on the mats is used to make those items... and will hope that other sellers realize this and adjust their prices so its worthwhile, or I would be better off running heroics/dailies and not crafting.