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Thanks for sharing that, but it pretty much repeats what Joveth has already said in this thread.

The reason I won't be satisfied with that sort of reply is that we do know the developer team really does have information we have been asking about, in some cases for over a year now, which could be shared. We can infer something is in the way of that, but aren't being told what (and yes, we have asked). We are not even being told whether old information is still current.

We have gotten exactly nothing said about this feature on these forums at all, ever. That has to be deliberate, and shame on whoever is responsible. I am sorry that Allison and Joveth are the crap-catchers for this. I can only advise them to "pay it forward" to those responsible and to press for a release of this info.

I have remained subscribed pretty much to maximize my cartel coin bonus. I have that now. I'll be deciding on my future with this game based on the attention given to this issue. I don't mean re-subbing but even playing, much less spending one red cent on the cartel shop... or any other BW product, ever.

Yes, that is how personal this has become for me. This falls short of even tepid, token inclusiveness by having disparaged the content through inconscionable delay in implementation compared to opposite-gender romantic content, and then refusing to discuss it at all. That's simply inexcusable.
So somewhat related to SGRAs in a "Ok, because of this the silence makes even less sense." kind of way:

EA given best workplace title for LGBT employees

So they are so inclusive and many thought EA is the big push behind the silence on SGRAs. Or maybe it was just me. It still kind of feels like an EAish bait and switch promise the moon and deliver nada thing.

So who exactly is pulling the puppet strings here? Who has the kind of pull to shut down devs talking to us so freaking hard? Marketing? PR? Who? Because at this point, that is the biggest mystery to me. And if/when they ever talk about SGRAs, my first question would be "What or who was keeping you from talking about this to us all along?"