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For roughly a month now, the lag in this game has been really frustrating. I dont know what changed, but there has been a marked difference in behavior. Bioware needs to take this to heart -- I'm talking about a regression in game quality.

I've been playing SWTOR since launch day, and I really love the pvp. I have an elite warlord assassin, along with some other alts. All told, I've probably played around three thousand warzone matches. These days, I'm the guildmaster for <Full Resolve>, one of the top pvp guilds on The Harbinger. I like to play ranked because it is the venue for me and my guild to exhibit the highest level of strategy, tactics, and execution. I even record most of our games and post the videos to youtube.

But lately, the game has changed. I'm no longer winning or losing games based on whether or not I can apply my knowledge of the game better than my opponent. For example, it's not enough for me to mentally track my opponent's usage of key abilities like stunbreak, undying rage, force shroud, or unstoppable. Now, in addition, I also have to hope that what I see on my screen isn't a lie, and that my precisely-timed actions actually execute when I perform them. This isn't the game that I love. This game does not make me want to come back and play every day.

At this point, I've lost all motivation to play ranked warzones anymore. The lag prevents me from playing the game the way it was meant to be played, and I can't stand to see such tarnish on the game I've enjoyed so much.

Here are a couple examples in video: -- Watch closely the duel beginning at 0:45. At 0:55, the shadow uses force cloak. Then at 1:12, he disappears again while still attacking. There's also a sharp stutter at this time. -- Watch the sage at 9:57 ehibiting the behavior where he repeatedly falls on his face and warps around.

If it helps, I can compile more video evidence, but I'm hoping this post gets the point across. These types of behavior are not rare. Please Bioware, spend some time investigating the root of these lag issues. Restore the game's playability to where it was around a month ago.
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