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I'v always sported my Founders title, but then i'v also always helped every person that's every asked
The Harbinger sever
Lilium Legacy

Jen,Jenn,Jenny,Jennifer all with -krath are my Rep toons and
Jenna,Jena,Jennie, and Jennifur with -krath are my Imp toons

Jen,Jena, and Jennifur are tanks
Jenn,Jenny, and Jennifer are Healers
Jenna and Jennie are DPS

I craft, I teach, I help destroy mob's, I DO NOT PvP it hasn't ever been fun to get killed over and over again by Warhero's...

Sincerely ~
You guessd it, Jenn
"Killing is bad and wrong. There should be a new stronger word for killing like Bad-wrong or Badong. Yes killing is Badong." ~ The Chosen One ~ Kung Pow