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Lol surely focus needs to get looked at, but i'm finding this situation quite funny:

Community: Watchman/anni spec is OP, nerf the **** out of it BW!!!!

BW: We left the anni/watch tree unchanged, but we made focus/rage tree viable, enjoy!
Community: Are you on crack? The class needed a nerf and you buff it with another viable tree? And even more overpowered than the first one??? Nerf rage/focus now!!!

BW: We nerfed the Anni/watch tree.
Community: Lol this is beyond sillyness, everyone knows that anni/watch didn't need a nerf.
While I've not ever been in the Annihilation is OP camp, this is a bit disingenuous.

Even if that tree could be said to have needed a nerf (and really, I've only ever seen them mentioned in the context of general, shared marauder cooldowns...usually camo or UR), I don't think I've ever seen anyone express an interest in THAT particular nerf.

It would be like if, in response to the sorc's bubble stun, the devs reduced chain lightning's damage. What the heck does chain lightning's damage have to do with the perceived problem and isn't that something that hurts raiders more anyway?