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11.16.2012 , 02:54 AM | #7
That happened to me, as well.

Items placed on the GTN after 1.5 and sold had a much-reduced deposit (as stated in the patch notes) but then a chunk was taken out of the sales price when the sales email arrived.

An item placed on the GTN before 1.5 and sold afterward *seemed* to arrive with less funds than the sales price, but I am not really sure as the one I noticed that did this did not actually list the price (one of those 'someone has purchased something' emails where the player and price are nowhere to be found). I don't list that many things, however, so I'm pretty sure the item that did sell should have netted a higher sales credit amount than what arrived.

While the lower deposit was in the patch notes, the large chunk taken out of the sale was not noted, so I do not know if it is intended.