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11.16.2012 , 02:28 AM | #1
I think there is a new tax with selling through the GTN.

Normally, and previously, when placing an item for sale in the GTN we set the sale price and put a deposit for that item.

Normally the deposit is deducted and the sale price is given to us in whole. So after the sale we get the total sale price asked, and a bit of the deposit.

However, now, this has changed with 1.5. Now we lose our deposit and part of our sale revenue that we asked for.

For example lets say I set the sale of an item for 10000 credits and the deposit is 500. (made up numbers)

I 'successfully' sell the item and get 9800 credits back. That is less that my sale price, and my deposit completely deducted.

So, did anyone notice this change? Is this intended? And if it is intended please give a freaking trade tab, and oh btw... that nice perk of buying up to 80 GTN slots... its freaking useless... people wont use the GTN if the hutts are that greedy.