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11.16.2012 , 02:18 AM | #2
Endurance is only good for 2 things, increasing HP and/or HP regen procs. As a sage, you should have very little use for either one.

You should be all out Willpower over Endurance every time. Period. You should be with a tanking companion. Sages are not tough and should not be taking the damage. At the very most, you might could make a case to be with a DPS companion, but I don't recommend it unless you are very comfortable with aggro dump abilities and whatnot.

Secondaries should be crit/surge/power with just a splash of alacrity. No offense, but a 50/50 endurance/willpower healer is not a proper healer. Your job is to heal, and to be the best you can be at healing, you need all the Willpower you can get. The tank's job is to get hit. Don't confuse the two or you'll be asking for trouble in group settings. Just pick up Qyzen, set him up in some tanking gear (or 50/50 tank/DPS gear if you are comfortable with that). Keep his weapon within 4-6 levels of your own and you should be good to go.