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11.16.2012 , 01:05 AM | #24
It's pretty clear something is wrong..

The problem with maras/sents is their survivability and utility as dps. While certainly healing is a factor in survivability, lowering it only lessens the synergy between healing and MASSIVE defensive cds. And it does nothing to lessen the utility edge they have over every other dps in both pve and pvp.

But it's not unexpected they would go this way, it's what they did to tankasins also, when it was mainly their high dps for a tank spec and not the extra survivability/utility they had over the dps specs that was the problem.

Or how about the problem with PT BH? Too much burst. What's the solution? Make it more difficult to use a few key abilities for both PTs and Mercs, who are already on the bottom tier for pvp dps, but also give them MORE burst.....It seems like there is some kind of strange disconnect going on at EA/BW.