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11.16.2012 , 12:28 AM | #811
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthRaika View Post
Manag....16 players q up. 8 imps 8 pubs. 4 people are a premade 12 are puggers. 8 are sad 4 are happy. not 50/50 buddy.

No, 8 are , 8 are .

On the flipside, suppose you happen to be on the side of the premade. Now YOU and your 7 buddies are all while the 8 on the other side are all

However the odds are slighty skewed against you, because as a PUGer, you will never be a part of a double premade. You can be part of a 4 man premade+3man premade+you, or a permutation with a 2 man premade. This should only make you a little bit though.