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11.16.2012 , 12:25 AM | #16
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Even with the nerf they are still godly vs pretty much every class.
Um, NO. It is Very hard to beat a well played assassin and pretty much impossible to beat a stunbubble/heal spec'd sorc as annihilation. Now that is even worse.

If they wanted to reduce the heals thats fine but you have to ballance, they should have made the dots un-clensable if they were going to do this. Now the few dots you get to stick heal you for half as much.

In a fight with a well played bubble spec sorc I can keep it going for a while because of the tics of heals that do get off. Now they will kill me just about 2X as fast seeing how the heals are half as much now.

In a fight with a Sin, resilance blocks the damage of the dots but it doesnt block the healing you recieve for the tics, so there again you are screwd, no more staying alive long enough to get through resilance for you!

Seriously what the crack smoking tools at the pvp ballance department doing? Bunch of monkeys jumping around the cubicles screaming and throwing fecal matter? Its the Rage/focus that needed looked into not Annihilation...