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Been saying this from the get go Solo vs Solo ~ Group vs Group. When I hit SOLO I expect to be put up again other SOLO people not Put up agains A GROUP Kinda defeats the whole purpose of having SOLO and GROUP options if there not separate.

Only people that benefits from the GROUPS being put again SOLO people are the luck people that got put in the same team of the group. Which makes WZ that much less fun.

And no this f2p isnt gona bring in as much pvp as they think it is. seeing not single person that is f2p is gona even be able to get handle on pvp not with 5 wz a week now if it was like 3 a day or something like that then maybe.

Either way MAKE SOLO PEOPLE go again SOLO PEOPLE ONLY and GROUPS against GROUPS. RWZ matches are almost non existent for that matter too. but realistic for this to work cross server pvp has to happen. All know is getting throw again the same premade all day and losing repeatedly is great way to get people to say **** pvp and or this game.
Couple problems:

Split queue's = split pools. Everyone suffers when pools go down.

MMO = Massive Multiplayer Game. Why discourage anything higher than basic team play?

How will Wz's backfill players if it's group only vs. group only? What happens when 2-3 people wanna queue up, should they intentionally gimp their team 1-2 players?

Why is split queue's better than proper matchmaking, which will try to match premade to premade, while remaining flexible with filling, backfilling, and eventually getitng a match started in a decent amount of time should matching teams be impossible with the current people in the queue?

Perhaps my all time favorite... Current system is inclusive (even if flawed). Anyone can play, but certian choices (like picking 3 of your team mates) will increase your odds to win. If Most Solo/PuG players find they lose to premades... Why is it so hard to find 3 friends?