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Yes, you can start out by getting a set of Recruit PvP gear. You can buy it (which will cost you a good chunk of credits) or I've heard that there is a special mission you can do to get a free set (someone else will have to tell you more about it, cuz I never did it). Being a sawbones really won't make much of a difference at first. it will probably still have better stats than most of the gear you have now. Be aware, though, that there are 4 Recruit vendors in the area on the fleet; just make sure you go to the one that sells the stuff with the Cunning stats. If you have moddable orange gear, you can do the Daily missions on Ilum, Belsavis, and the Black Hole on Corellia which will give you commendations that you can trade at the Mission vendors in those areas for armoring, barrels, hilts, implants,and earpieces. Some of the Heroic missions will give you Mods, Enhancements and Black Hole commendations. And then there's Hardmode Flashpoints which will give you some Tionese and Columi commendations and gear (if you decide to do these, you'll probably want to buy the Recruit gear first)
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