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Will do. He activated a com and told the men to go pull together and make search teams.

Great....Looks like I will have to pull together an apology to the Rakata leaders. Well at least then the Rakata will wish to avenge their brothers. This means war. Speaking of which. He turned on a Holo-Net access area onto send. And he sent a message across it to everywhere.All Citizens of the Republic and Empire. I have come to tell you now, that we are at war. I know you may not know who I am or what I am talking about. However just a minute ago the Empire has violated the treaty. They purposely and with intent on stealing technology have attacked a Republic space station and fleet. I request that the Empire's peace keepers, who from what I have learned, have tried to keep the peace, please try to make this attack understood. However they have also provoked the people I am with, which was and is a fatal mistake. All Imperial citizens I would suggest that all of you prepare for war beyond what was expected.

Statement: Master if my calculations are correct then there is the possibility that if the station stops moving and we continue we will crash into the station causing massive damage to the station but would also destroy all Meatbags on this ship. The possibility of this happening and us surviving is 12486 to one.
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