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11.15.2012 , 11:44 PM | #1
I don't think this is againt forum rules yet so here we are....

I have all this left over after all the crime lords packs I bought for a giveaway coming up soon.

So if you are interested in purchasing anything add me in game or post here

Keep in mind these items won't unbound until 1.5 days

My in game username is: Vanitas

List of items to sell (No prices just make an offer)

Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle

Overlords Command Throne

Tyhonian Force-Masters Lightsaber

Longspur Elite

Rendilli Nightshade

Slate Mouth Horranth x 7

Ubrikki Crimson Claw x 4

Elegant Lounge Wear Top x 5

Elegant Lounge Wear Bottom x 4

Green-backed Vrblet x 2

Fire-bellied Vrblet

Advanced Pink-Purple Indestructible crystal x 4

Hyperstorm Heavy Cannon

Ubrikki Sand Devil x 4

Mountain Lizard bat x 3

Golden Lizard Bat

Republic Banner x 5

Imperial Banner x 7

Trailblazer upper and lower body armor x 2

Trailblazer Helmet

Spymaster Helmet

Title: The Cartel Collector x 7

Along with a ton of XP Boost thing

Once again post offers or in game