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11.15.2012 , 10:49 PM | #10
I love how bioware nerfs this **** out of a spec, yet still leaves the bugged out beserk the same which made that spec good. How stupid can they get?

Smash spec anyone, as if we needed more of those around. I rolled a sin/op because I knew it would get changed I just expected them to fix their bug instead of nerfing the spec into the ground and leaving the bug

The bug is simple,
Requires and converts 30 stacks of Fury to go Berserk. Lasts for 6 charges. This effect varies based on your current lightsaber form:
Juyo Form: Increases the critical chance of your bleed attacks by 100% and causes bleed damage to heal YOUR GROUP FOR 1% of max health each tick.

the tooltip for predation is different it says
Requires and converts 30 stacks of Fury to issue Predation TO YOU AND YOUR GROUP, increasing movement speed by 50% and melee and ranged defense by 10%. Lasts 10 seconds.

So if the ability actually did what it was supposed to do it would only return 12% when berserk happened. before 1.5 it was healing 18%. So bioware has chosen to nerf crit stacked anni mara and force people to once again power stack. After 1.5 it heals for 12% but nerfs the **** out of the general crits from dots.

GG bioware GG I like many others are now forced to go play your fotm spec in order to be competitive in warzones.
I will enjoy watching you nerf that mistake in the future well done.
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