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11.15.2012 , 10:30 PM | #1
hey all.

I know this probably sounds like another person moaning about not getting free epic and "legendary" items. Its not items I crave, its the social interaction with the player base that a MMORPG provides that I prize above all else. I love to tank, and heal for groups/ops.

In a MMORPG you get exposed to many different cultures within a geographic area, as per our servers its Europe. However with that comes a price, a subscription price, and to be plainly honest, I just don't see the value in paying for content I already have. I do understand that as a subscriber you get access to the servers first, you get OPS when you want, and such. However I see no major reason to make me continue paying till new content comes out.

I know I will be hit with many people saying this is new, that is new, but Personally I do not see a real reason to continue paying a subscription. Sad as I am. I have been playing this game since beta, and loved it from word go. But i feel my subscription is at a end.

Hell I even tried my best to see if anyone could come up with reasons to continue paying, but all I got from my community in the server was, in polite terms "go away".

I do not mean this as a flame post or negative, just a goodbye. Those that have now got F2P you have a wealth of content to explore, and enjoy before you even decide to do HMs/OPs.