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11.15.2012 , 10:13 PM | #25
Well now real money is involved.

If you could buy it like you could buy the other orange outfits on the Cartel Store, everything would be fine. Relatively fine, at least. However, no doubt there are people who will spend A LOT of money in an attempt to get this robe, and they'll probably feel very cheated for when hood-toggle actually arrives in the game.

How long are we supposed to wait? Like the OP said, hood-toggle was promised for 1.2 or the next major content patch. You could say it's smart business to put a very desired item in an RNG box, but I wouldn't say that it is smart business to antagonize your customers.

I am not going to try my luck with the boxes, I'll continue to wait for the actual hood-toggle to appear. :/