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The confirmed max of subs is 350,000 for SWG.

90% of MMOs out Today have twice that and up.
Considering that SOE has never in the past 9 years released sub numbers for any of its games, I doubt your characterization of "confirmed."
Nevertheless, the game was "bleeding subscriptions" (words from Jeff Rubenfield's blog here up until that day for many of the same complaints posters have made about SWTOR.
For the most part, it never recovered, not because of the quality of game that existed on December 16, 2011, but because you cannot radically change a game 2 years into its life and not upset a large portion of your fans irrevocably. Well, we will see how the re-launch of Final Fantasy XIV does I suppose.
For all the efforts that the flightless bird has achieved, it is still the same flawed game that existed on April 26th, 2005 and was "bleeding" subscribers. When the novelty fades, and the rose colored glasses get cleaned, people will realize the imbalances, the lack of a meaningful GCW, and the absence of compelling end game content that existed in 2005 still exist in their flightless bird in development for the past seven years. They will realize that with all their freedom to play in their sandbox, they are still missing important RP tools like Storyteller and Chronicle Master, major industry innovations that happened late in the game's life cycle but most nostalgics never wanted to try because they were too angry for something that happened years prior.
Those nostalgics will once again realize that it is still hard to compete when there is an alpha class so dramatically more powerful that pvp and pve become trivialized and boring. Unless of course, it was their love of said alpha class (and their resentment of its effective nerfing) that motivated them to create and play the game-which shall-not-be-named in the first place. Much like the flightless bird it is nicknamed after, it will still be lacking atmospheric flight and (better) balance in spaceflight simulated combat, and end-game space content beyond the (horribly bugged, in 2005's version) RE game and dogfights with interceptors around 0,0,0 in deep space.
Will the most innovative, detailed, and creative social, crafting, and housing system in an MMO to date be enough to blind them from those gameplay realities? I doubt anyone can honestly expect a game that is now nearly 12 years old from the infancy of its development can challenge any current MMO title, let alone SWTOR, but I will let them have their fun.
Meanwhile, I still await a true sandbox Star Wars MMO with compelling ground, space, social, crafting, and pvp experiences.