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With the new 1.5 patch, you can buy Campaign Armor mods with BH Coms. These Campaign Armor mods can be used toward a set bonus, and therefore, are slot specific (head, boots, etc.). This I can fully understand...

I had an old BH Helmet in the bank that I used the mod and enhancement from. It still had an armor mod on it, and my intention was to use this armor on an orange belt or bracer (since it has no set bonus attached to it). However, it now tells me that even this piece of armor is slot specific (head). It was my understanding that before patch 1.5, I could take that armor mod and put it ANY armor slot. My question is whether or not this is intended or a bug. If it is intended, doesn't this make it almost imposible to get a high level armor mod for an orange belt or bracer?
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