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Considering the game lasted eight years and only closed because LA would not renew the license with SOE, SWG wasn't a failure. Yes, the game had problems and many of them. But it was not a failure.

To answer your question, NO! I will never forget Galaxies. I had a blast in my time there, all of it during the NGE. I do wish people would stop bringing up Novemeber 15, 2005, however. We all know that is when the NGE went live. It has no bearing on STOR so stop posting about it.
The only reason it lasted 8 years was because it was licensed to run. If it was LA's or SOE's 100% owned development team on it they most likely would have pulled the plug.

And yes, SWG failed. They projected nearly 1 million players at launch and barely got 1/3 of that. So I'd say they set their own expectations on how good their game was.