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11.15.2012 , 08:32 PM | #39
I'll throw in my thanks as well. I followed this game for years (starting when it was a rumour based on a hiring advert for Bioware Austin) and have been incredibly happy with the way it turned out. Even at launch, my experience was very smooth, with few issues - and no significant ones. I bought the Collector's edition with only a slight grimace - the statue of Malgus hasn't yet grown on me - but the experience of playing has not just been Star Wars to the core, but finally captured what I was looking for in a game, to boot. I play for story, and this game has 8 - and by the time I spend all the effort going through those 8 I'll be ready for replay value.

Y'all have also made a significant effort to be present for the community. Working in customer service myself, it's easy to get bogged down by the negative complaints, because few people say something when they're happy - but so many say something when they're unhappy. Popping into yet another angry thread about how 'hood toggle means BW doesn't care about anything but money' to reiterate it's in the pipe shows that you care about us as players - not just as subscribers. Especially with the new F2P option, and committing to continue development based on an uncertain revenue stream shows you have as much faith in us as many of us have in you.

Boards full of rage threads that 'you changed my helmet color everything is ruined forever goodbye cruel world' aren't any fun to wade through as a player, and must be even less fun to folks who've poured so much time and effort into working on the game. Know that plenty of us DO appreciate all the hard work you do, and are here to stay, support, and enjoy.