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So...down on Begeren Colony, I got a group together for Dreadtooth. I'd read the Dulfy guide and watched a video, and Dreadtooth only had one stack, so I figured with a decent group we could down him.
Within 5 seconds of the pull, half the ops group was down, more or less instakilled. We wiped it up and rezzed, and I noticed that the people who got one-shotted had three stacks of a buff called "Dread", which said something to the effect that Dreadtooth could sense our weakness and would destroy us. I can't seem to find any information on this.
Is this a group size limiter (we had 15 in the group, I believe) along the lines of Nightmare Paranoia? Is there something else we need to do? Anyone know?
What we believe is that if you aren't initially near the boss when it gets pulled you don't get the "Drouk Hunter" buff. If you attempt to engage Dreadtooth without "Drouk Hunter" you are going to be 1shot. This is of course to prevent people from helping a group fight the boss.