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But to break it down mostly depends on a few factors:

- WZ Population: On Krath my first server, because it was so small. Premades DID kill our server. On Harbinger Premades exist but a majority of people PuG so its pretty good there.

- PuG Stupidity: The BIGGEST reason why people Premade isnt because they want to pwn people, its because they dont want to play with *******. If you havent been asked to join a premade then you might be one of them!

- Fun factor: Right now, too many PuGs are into DMing and not in objectives. Because hitting random **** is fun. Which I dont get because thats like hitting a training dummy really. But hey "whatever floats your boat!".


The reality is Premades ARENT killing the game, you know whats killing the game, it's IDIOTS NOT DOING OBJECTIVES WZ REPEATEDLY. They're like sheep and not use their brain to work out where to go, the follow blindly to do random ****.

No communication even, its like talking to a brick wall when asking them to call incs. Maybe what we need is to make IDIOTS not do STUPID **** REPEATEDLY. If BW can figure this out, this game would be the best game ever!!!

The excuse of a premade/guild/whatever is drivel, if people are trying to do objectives and win then they can beat premades/guild/whatever (not easy but can be done).

Its when idiots have this fallacy of how OP a faction/class/player/premade that is whats making this game stupid.

NOTE: Being BAD and IMPROVING is fine. Being BAD and repeating it ad nauseum is not. You can start bad, I did, but you should be improving and trying to help your team rather than for yourself and stroke your epeen to top some charts you will never get.
Totally agree with you Zhaker, let Pre-mades happen, they can and are beaten by regular queuing up groups, if that group communicates together and works on the objectives, sure they can win. I pretty much refuse to group up with anyone outside my guild, unless they are a good friend, because ultimately if you group with guildies you have the communications set up which makes life a whole lot easier.

There are some really tough cookie pre-made groups out there that are only there to try and make a mockery of regular queued wz people. Tip for you, if you get them isolated they are no better than a regular person queued up, and thats a fact. In packs they look good, we all look good in packs, get them isolated then you see their flaws.