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11.15.2012 , 07:44 PM | #3103
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I used to support the community, point people at the Dev Tracker posts which most recently addressed their questions. A lot of information gets shared, but never on this topic. So I am feeling grumpy and unhelpful.

Now, if they'd actually talk to us, I have a lot to contribute to the community. But it's all snark and sarcasm, all the time until the Comm Team addresses this.
I was talking about Bioware supporting the LGBT (and allies) portion of their player base, rather than Baptes being mean to anyone.

I agree it's hard to be positive when Bioware can't even demonstrate that they remember that this is an issue. It's like as soon as you mention anything same-sex related they have a massive brain fart and lose thirty minutes of conversation and the entire idea just tumbles out of their collective mind into a giant pile of stuff, and whenever you bring the subject back up, they look at you as if you started speaking backwards in Sanskrit.

I... think I need a nap now.