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I was subbed for a good many months but had quit playing a little before f2p. Balance is zero.
That is the way it is supposed to be. If you read the "fine print" on this page, you will notice a few things. Some of them have changed since I read the equivalent page months ago.

ALL of those rewards coins require you to be actively subscribed to receive them now. Even the 150 coins per month up to July 31st 2012 require you to have active subscription time at December 20th. (So you need more than one month subscription today, or subscribe a bit later this month to even get those.)

They did a good job of shafting all previous subscribers, unless we can see fit to kick back a little money their way.
EA/BioWare on the state of SW:TOR:
"Your piece of mind is my highest priority. Rest assured, this will be done to perfection." Account ended: 8/16/'12 (August 16th, for those "across the pond.") @ aprox. 12pm CDT